Transition to Autumn: DIY Cozy Faux Fur Sandals

Letting go is hard!…

Whether it’s letting go of feelings, people, or things, sometimes it takes a lot courage and strength.  We all have been there, done that! It’s not easy when it comes to a pair of loved shoes, either. These sandals have been my summer footwear stable for a couple of years and I am not ready to part ways with them yet.  We’ve had a comfortable 2-year relationship: we walked everywhere together,  went to town together, and ran errands together.  Overall, we got along so well that I have neglected my other shoes.  In the end, nothing beats comfort and the best choice is one that never lets you down.  So, I gave it a lot of thought and came up with a plan to keep us together, at least through Fall.  A drastic transformation is much-needed to repair the wear and tear.  After putting in 10 minutes at a time for about 5 sessions, I really like how they turned out and now they’re the most unusual sandals I own without spending any $$. And we’re still best buddies, even with the fur and all. That’s cozy and priceless!

SHOE6d shoe3a1 shoe2a1

shoe5b1 quote


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