Basic DIY Statement Jewelry: Earphone Earrings

Punk style is making its waves into stores and blogs so I thought it would be cool to ride it  with a unique DIY.  If you followed the MET’s punk-themed gala this year [where Madonna stole the show in Givenchy], it’s no surprise that punk could be big this F/W.  This DIY will help in making use of some broken earphones while lending something unique to different outfits whether you are into punk or not. Let’s have broken earphones be our new cool/quirky/punkish jewelry statement.

This DIY will not cost you any $$.  If you have earrings that you don’t wear, just reuse the hooks.

What you’ll need: wire cutters (or scissors) // earring hooks//lighter//broken earphonesMUB earphone earing DIY tools board

Instructions: Before we begin, cut the wire to detach earphone pieces from central cord with a generous wire length to work with 1. with each earphone still attached to its wire, loop wire into the earring hook. 2. tie a knot 3. tie second knot. 4. tie third knot then cut wire leaving 1/4 in behind. 5. with lighter burn the end of wire to soften the plastic (acts as its own adhesive) & wrap it around the last knot. MUB DIY earphonearings instructions

With a myriad of earphone styles on the market, you’ll sure to find one that suits your personality/style/budget. MUB DIY earphone earings collage1

MUB DIY earphone earrings redsThese earphones were $5 and they didn’t last very long. I didn’t expect them to.

NEXT TIME: I’ll go beyond the basics and put some designs on these earrings.


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