Hello and welcome!

My name is Shannon. I have blogged since 2011.  MUB is my second blog, which I started in 2012 to encourage myself to stay creative– create things when I’m feeling low or high.  MUB is like a cook’s kitchen, an artist’s art room, a meditator’s ocean waves, it’s a  place to channel my creative energy and ink my ideas before they’re robbed by the hands of time.

Essentially, MUB focuses on spending less $, creating things through recycling, and making unique jewelry from things you already have. It’s about having a great time with projects in your spare time.  Being creative is fun.  For the quiet and introvert, it’s  finding that inner spark–that great idea that you feel happy and proud to share with the world.

This blog was first named Urbanite because I was living in NYC when I started it.  I renamed it My Unique Boutique after I moved into a suburb in D.C  but with hopes that I’ll have my own real boutique in the city someday.

All DIY  projects featured on MUB are original and unique and you will find them here first, always.


Thanks for visiting!

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